Big data and new technology making a difference to dairy

Belfast, Friday 3rd November 2017: The rapid development of technology and major advances in so-called ‘big data’ will have significant effects on the dairy industry, delegates at the International Dairy Federation (IDF) World Dairy Summit were told today.

Dairy is at the forefront of adopting new and dynamic technology that will improve efficiency while ensuring delivery of nutritious, safe and sustainable foods to a growing world population.

The seminar identified eight innovative technologies – including drones, sensors, 3D printing and blockchain – that combined with the advances in big data could positively disrupt the dairy industry.

Delegates heard how big data and new technologies are becoming increasingly important and affordable and are on the brink of revolutionising the feeding of dairy cows around the world. Also under discussion was how the adoption of the latest technology and getting the most out of big data would ensure operational consistency and drive increased efficiency and productivity.

The seminar affirmed that new technology and the use of big data must add value across the dairy supply chain, especially at farm level and that on a practical level, the technology must be intuitive and allow the farmer to make better management decisions.

The next revolution in dairy farming will see a shift from reactive to predictive management practices that will allow farmers to allocate resources more efficiently and operate in a more sustainable manner.

Dr Judith Bryans, President of the International Dairy Federation and Chief Executive of Dairy UK, said: “This is a very exciting time for the dairy industry. The speed of technological advances is rapidly changing the farming landscape and we as a sector are committed to embracing the opportunities that this progress presents. Dairy’s role in feeding a growing global population with nutritious and sustainable foods has never been more important and the creative application of new technologies will guarantee that dairy continues to make a difference for future generations.”

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Image attached: Dr Judith Bryans, President of the International Dairy Federation and Chief Executive of Dairy UK


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